Dual Channel Switch LNA Modules




QPB9319, QPB9329 Features

  • Frequency: 1.8-5GHz
  • Power handling: 8W Pavg 
  • Integrated switch, LNA, & LNA w/ bypass
  • 44-pin 7x7mm package 
  • Eliminates needs for pin diode driver ckt
  • Ideal for wireless infrastructure & 5G massive MIMO 

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High Power Switch LNA Modules




QPB9320, QPC9314, QPB9324, QPB9325 Features

  • Low NF: <1.3dB
  • Gain: >32dB Rx
  • IL: 0.55dB in Tx mode
  • Only requires single 5V supply
  • 16-pin 8x8mm package  

Additional Information:

  • High power capability: 58W Pavg (8dB PAR)
  • Ideal for wireless infrastructure & 5G massive MIMO




23dB Gain, 1003MHz Power Doubler Hybrid Amplifier




QPA3223 Features

  • Low current: 400mA typ
  • Gain: 22.5dB @ 1003MHz
  • NF: 3dB
  • BW: 47-1003MHz 
  • SOT-115J package
  • Ideal for DOCSIS 3.1 & broadband CATV amplifiers

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Band 25 UL & DL BAW Filters 




QPQ1295 & QPQ1296 Features

  • QPQ1295 frequency: 1930-1995MHz
  • QPQ1296 frequency: 1850-1915MHz
  • High input power: 27dBm
  • Excellent far out rejection
  • 3x3x0.91mm SMP package
  • Ideal for base stations & boosters

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Band 3 BAW Duplexer




QPQ1297 Features

  • Low PIM
  • High rejection at key frequencies
  • High input power: 30dBm on downlink
  • 2x2.5x0.93 SMP package
  • Wide operating temperature range: −40 to +95 °C
  • Ideal for small cell base stations

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GaN HEMT Models 101 Blog: Nonlinear Models and GaN PA Design




Check out our two-part blog focusing on nonlinear GaN models and the fundamentals of I-V curves. GaN HEMT devices have emerged as the leading solution for most new microwave PA needs. Here we explain how we work with Modelithics to generate design data faster, target more precise PA behavior, and achieve better results.





New eBook: Connected Car For Dummies





Download Qorvo's Connected Car For Dummies®, to learn about the RF technologies, trends and standards influencing the automobile marketplace. Autonomous vehicles, V2X communications and future RF technologies are all discussed.







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The last Q-Factor Quiz is out and this time it's all about filters. Check it out here and win

 prizes for showing your RF smarts.


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