3W, 28V, 4.4-5GHz GaN Doherty PA Module




QPA4501 Features

  • Frequency: 4.4-5GHz
  • Output power (Pavg): 3W
  • Gain: 30dB
  • Typical PAE: 38%
  • 10x6mm plastic LGA package
  • Ideal for 5G massive MIMO & military communications 
  • ECCN: 5A991 

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45W, 48V, DC-4GHz, GaN RF Transistor




QPD0030 Features

  • Frequency: DC to 4GHz
  • Output power (P3dB): 49W
  • Linear gain: 22dB
  • Typical PAE3dB: 71%
  • 4x3mm plastic QFN package 

Additional Information:

  • Ideal for wireless infrastructure & military communications 
  • ECCN: EAR99



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xPON Video Receivers with Integrated VCA




QPB9010 & QPB9015 Features

  • QPB9010: 12V; QPB9015: 5V
  • Bandwidth: 45-1218MHz
  • Pout: 23dBmV/channel
  • Low noise: 3.5pA /√Hz (EINC)
  • Optical input: -10 to +2dBm
  • 28-pin 11x11x1.375mm package
  • Ideal for FTTX optical network equipment & RFoG network manufacturers

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CATV 75 Ohm pHEMT Dual RF Amplifier




QPB7464 Features

  • Bandwidth: 50-2600MHz
  • Gain: 12dB
  • 75 Ohm impedence
  • OIP3: +37dBm  

Additional Information:

  • SOIC-8 package
  • Ideal for CATV, SAT TV & FTTH equipment suppliers




47-1218MHz, 28dB CATV Doubler Amplifier




QPB8857 Features

  • High gain: 28dB @ 1218MHz
  • Low noise: 4.5dB
  • Adjustable bias
  • 57dBmV/ch virtual 1.2GHz @ 19dB tilt

Additional Information:

  • 40-pin 5x7mm QFN package
  • Ideal for DOCSIS 3.1 & broadband CATV amplifiers




2.4GHz Wi-Fi/BT/LTE Co-Existence BAW Filter 




QPQ1907 Features

  • Performance: -20 to +95C
  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi channel 1-13 support
  • High rejection in B38, B40, B7, B41 bands
  • High power handling: +28dBm   

Additional Information:

  • 5-pin 1.4x1.2x0.915mm laminate package
  • Ideal for IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac/ax Wi-Fi applications



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High Power, SOI, SPDT Switch




QPC3025 Features

  • Operation: 30-4200MHz
  • Insertion loss: 0.35dB
  • 30W pulsed power handling capacity
  • High isolation: 40dB at 2GHz
  • Integrated matching for single-ended 50 Ohm operation 

Additional Information:

  • 32-pin 5x5mm SMT package
  • Ideal for wireless repeaters/boosters, test equipment & military/public radio
  • ECCN: 5A991G




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